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Ankleshwar City

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    Informtion Of Ankleshwar

    Ankleshwar, (sometimes written Ankleshvar Gujarati) is a city and a municipality in the Bharuch district of the state of Gujarat, India. The city is located approximately ten kilometres from Bharuch.

    Ankleshwar is known for its industrial township called GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation), which is one of the biggest in Asia. Ankleshwar also has an office of the ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited). Today, Ankleshwar has over 5000 big and small chemical plants. These chemical plants produce products such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, and paint.

    Petroleum additives like Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate having use in cutting oil emulsifier / metal working fluids, ore flotation, motor oil and fuel oil additives and anti corrosion compound, dispersant decreasing pigment grind time with increased pigment loading capacity and reducing flashing time and energy requirements and secondary corrosion inhibitor inks, flushes and coatings requiring pigment wetting and suspension Calcium Petroleum Sulphonate / Barium Petroleum Sulphonate having use in rust preventive agent, engine oil additives & emulsifier in pesticides are manufactured by Daxesh Petrochem Pvt. Ltd.

    The pharmaceutical company, Cadila Healthcare, has a plant to make active pharmaceutical ingredients in Ankleshwar. Not only Cadila but other leading pharmaceuticals of India had started their phrameceuticals producing plants over here. The resin industry like Resins & Plastics Limited & Pragati Chemicals Limited also having manufacturing facility at Ankleshwar which are catering for auto coating as well as general industrial coating resins.

    The multi product manufacturing organization, Kohinoor Group of Industries, has a plant to make active pharmaceutical ingredient, dyestuffs, pigments, hair colour and cosmetics in Ankleshwar. The multi-national firm Hoechst India Limited, which has become defunct, has a plant to make Rabies vaccine, pharmaceuticals and agro chemicals. Thus Hoechst sold its Rabies vaccine division to Chiron Behring Vaccine India which has now been taken over by Novartis. The Pharmaceutical plant is now run by Sanofi Aventis and the Agro Chemical plant is now run by Bayer.

    All these above mentioned industries as well as domestic consumers are supplied eco-freiendly piped natural gas by the Gujarat Gas Company Limited, a subsidiary of BG Group plc. Rather than this, Lupin ltd has one manufacturing plant at Ankleshwar.

    Ankleshwar is well connected by Indian National Highway 8 (Mumbai to New Delhi) and by the Western Railway Division of Indian Railways. The railway division also runs the narrow gauged train services to Rajpipla. The 132 year-old Golden Bridge connects Ankleshwar to Bharuch across the Narmada on the station front while a new bridge connects the highway, the other bridge on the highway has been under maintenance for some time causing regular traffic jams at the four laned NH:8.

    There are many auto rickshaws (3 wheeled passenger accommodating petrol/diesel vehicles) and utility vehicles in Ankleshwar providing the means of transport within most of the city. Intra-district and Inter-state buses also serve Ankleshwar frequently, to most of the nearby cities and states. In addition to this there are private bus operators ferrying passengers across Ankleshwar.

    There are two online CNG filling stations operated by Gujarat Gas Company in the city which cater to the above mentioned road transport vehicles. Recently, a new CNG station has been opened in GIDC located opposite the Smt. JayaBen Modi hospital and adjacent to the Shalimar hotel.

    The main road which connects the highway to Valia is being widened, which will reduce the time taken for traveling. This road meets the widened road from Ghadkol-Patiya, Pragati-Path. The railway station has been given a face lift and now Platform No.2

    As of 2001[update] India census,[3] Ankleshwar had a population of 67,952. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Ankleshwar has an average literacy rate of 76%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 56% of the males and 44% of females literate. 13% of the population is under 6 years of age.

    Among the schools, there are Unity English Medium School, Swami Vivekananda School (English Medium), Swami Vivekananda School (Gujarati Medium), the E.N.Ginwala High School, the Zenith High School, the Aaddarsh School, the Lions School, Shree Gattu Vidyalaya, Sanskar Deep, the Gurukul, UBMM,the National High School, the Saraswati Vidya Mandir, the Kendriya Vidhyalaya.

         The colleges are:
         The Kadakya Commerce and Arts College.

    The most famous schools in Ankleshwar are:

         The Swami Vivekananda School (English and Gujarati Medium), it offers education from from kindergarten to Higher Secondary (Science) in both English and Gujarati.
         The Lions School, a one of internationally known with excellent infrastructure for education in Gujarati and English medium, offers education from kindergarten to Higher Secondary (Commerce)
         The Shree Gattu Vidyalaya is one of the oldest schools of Ankleshwar, providing education from kindergarten to higher secondary. It offers both English and Gujarati mediums, Gattu is named after a son of the director of Asian Paints Limited.


         The C.M. Academy (Chandra Bala Modi Academy), is a CBSE school powered by One multinational Company Gujarat Guardian Ltd.
         Public School, Kharod (Panoli) is a CBSE school.
         The Kendriya Vidhyalaya - ONGC
         Manav School - Jhagadia is a CBSE Affiliated School

    Unity English medium school offers both primary and secondary education.

    There are also very important Darul-Ulooms in surrounding villages which are of considerable importance to Muslims in area for teaching Islamic knowledge, including Shariah law.

    History Of Ankleshwar

    Ankleshwar is a popular city and a municipality in the Bharuch district in the state of Gujarat in the Indian subcontinent. This popular city is in fact located 10 kilometers from Bharuch. Ankleshwar is also regarded as the biggest industrial zone of Asia. Several chemical plants including are established here and the products produced range from pesticides to pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and paint.

    This city also provides a host of opportunities in the arena of shopping and recreation. Several park such as the Millennium Park and other parks serves as good recreation centers. Sports center, swimming pools, well equipped library and other recreation centers also serve as great amusement zones. Small and grand shops near Chauta Bazaar and Sardar park area are regarded as the central shopping zones. The health provisions in the city are also noteworthy. Many clinics and hospitals are owned and operated by medical professionals and individual doctors. The private hospitals are generally in good conditions and include all type of modern arrangements and up-to-date technology. The Sanjivanii Hospital is also a large and popular one and is served by physicians and pediatricians. Other facilities in these hospitals include sonography, x-rays and other similar type of necessities. The educational provisions in the city of Ankleshwar are also Ankleshwar Shree Gattu Vidyalayaremarkable and many schools and colleges are established here. There are very famous schools in this city, which offers education from kindergarten to higher secondary. The medium of instruction is English and Gujarati. There are also very important Darul-Ulooms in the surrounding villages of Ankleshwar, which are regarded, significant in the sense that they offer education to the Muslim community relating to tenets of Islam and Muslim Canonic Law or the Sharia Law. The food and clothing of the inhabitants of Ankleshwar and all the surrounding areas witness the Turkish-Persian influence. This influence can be seen in a similar manner in Muslims, Hindus and Jains but assumes a lesser degree amongst the Dalit and Bhil populous. The common sources of nourishment in this area are curry-khitchri, dal-chawal and many other dishes. The adherence to various religions and religious practices in the city of Ankleshwar has evolved somewhat with irregular liturgy in all directions to adopt what the people have deemed fit over the stretch of time. The mindset of the people here are more business oriented in the recent times.

    The city of Ankleshwar also has extreme religious significance as the far famed Shri Ankleshwar Tirth is in the vicinity. It is a very famous pilgrimage site in Gujarat. There are also four Digambar Jain Temple and Chintamani Parsyanath Temple, which have a 150 meters huge brown color idol of Bhagwan Chintamani Parsvanath. Then there is also the Neminath Mandir, Adinath Mandir and Mahavir Swami Mandir. Accommodation in Ankleshwar is not a problem to be worried about. There are many hotels in this city, which offer the right base to the tourists to explore Ankleshwar. There are also various fun and fitness activities that guests can enjoy in these hotels. All the hotels of this region are well equipped with the modern facilities and also offer impeccable service and warm hospitality to its guests. Nowadays reaching the beautiful Ankleshwar has become very convenient. Ankleshwar is now linked by frequent trains to and from the major metros as well as the other destinations of India. The Indian National Highway 8 links this town to many important cities in India. All sorts of hired transports are available and all comes with the most experienced drivers. There are regular bus services available to the town of Ankleshwar from all the districts of Gujarat.

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