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Tandur City

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    Information Of Tandur

    Tandur is a municipal town and mandal in Rangareddy district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Tandur is 125 km from Hyderabad through Bus route and 110 km through train route. This is largest town in western Rangareddy district and largest Muncipality in Rangareddy dist. It is famous for stone industries, cement industries and Redgram production. Many education centres located here. Drinking water is supplied from River Kagna, which is 4 km from the town. Tandur town is part of tandur assembly constituency and Chevella loksabha constituency. P. Mahender Reddy of Telugudesham party is present MLA of Tandur assembly constituency. Previous MLAs of this constituency were served as ministers in state cabinet (M.manik Rao and M.Chandra Sekhar).

    History Of Tandur


    Tanduru is located at 17°14′N 77°35′E / 17.23°N 77.58°E / 17.23; 77.58. It has an average elevation of 450 metres (1476 feet). Tanduru town is 110 km far from Hyderabad, capital city of Andhra Pradesh state. It is well connected with other neighbouring towns like Zaheerabad (60 km), Sangareddi (50 km), Mahabubnagar (80 km) and Vikarabad (40km). The major railway station is located on Secunderabad-Wadi section of Mumbai route. Tandur hosts famous temples i.e BAKKA PRABHU TEMPLE, constructed in the year 1940, Bhavigi Bhadreshwar Temple.

    Ancient History

    Tanduru was a picnic spot for Nizams. The rich vegetation and varied wildlife of those days was the prime reason. But now deforestation on high scale has denuded the area of wildlife, flora included. They used to travel from Golconda to Tanduru via Vikarabad for hunting: it took 15 days from Golconda to Hyderabad, the same time for return. They stayed for a week at Tandur and went back.

    Like in any developing town, the old and new areas are clearly discernible. The old houses area is called old Tanduru and new localities form part of new Tanduru. The railway track divides old and new Tanduru.


    Tanduru had a population of 57,943. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Tanduru has an average literacy rate of 60%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 67%, and female literacy stands at 52%. 15% of the population is under 6 years of age.


    Tandur is a key place to politics. M.Manik Ran and M.Chandra Sekhar belongs Congress party served as Minitsers in State Cabinet. Ex Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr.M.Marri Chenna Reddy elected two times as MLA from Tandur Assembly COnstituency.

    Congress Party and Telugu Desham are major political parties of this constituency. Bharatiya Janata Party also gained many votes in Loksabha elections during 1990s. Nagaram Narsimulu of BJP elected as Muncipal Chairperson a decade back.


    Tanduru is famous for its blue and black stone and toor daal (yellow gram) and Jowar. It has good number of rice mills and stone polishing units. Major industries include gemstone exports and cement manufacturing. Two major cement firms are headquartered in Tanduru - CCI (Cement Corporation of India) and VCIL (Vishaka Cement Industry Ltd).

    A Sri Rama Temple is located at Juntapally, which is a historic temple and has some historic resemblances to other Sri Rama shrines. It is located 12 km from Tanduru.

    River Kagna, a sub-river of Krishna supplies the drinking water for over 45 villages, including Tanduru town. This rivulet is four kilometres away from Tandur on the way to Kodangal.

    The famous Rasoolpoor Hanuman Temple, is located 4 kilometres from Tanduru. Near Tattepally, (Tandur-Zaheerabad route) is a serene Ambramaneswar shrine, dedicated to Lord Siva, nestled in a green valley. People throng the shrine once a year on the last Monday of Sravana masam.

    Further down is Turmamidi, hosting Sri Venkateswara shrine, whose annual rath yatra is held on Chaitra Purnima (in April).

    Tanduru had a fame in the Period of Nizams, when rulers used to camp at Tanduru in the Passion of hunting and use to stay up to a month or so (Sources-Archives-Hyd).

    Tanduru has good bakeries, lodgings, restaurants and 7 major theaters with air conditioned for entertainment. A.Vishwanath goud also was muncipal chairman .he was a person who use to do all the works with concern and dedication gave everyone what they want.


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